Homeless burglar tells court he stole to get arrested and ‘get out of the situation I am in’

A homeless man stole a laptop to be sent to prison because he had had enough of looking for somewhere to live during lockdown, a court heard.

Jason Kinsella, 47, broke into Elephant & Castle’s ‘street food’ market Mercato Metropolitano to steal a tablet and £9.71 cash on April 21.

He was jailed for 18 weeks after telling the court he was sorry but he wasn’t getting any help.

Appearing via video link from a police station, Kinsella said: ‘I’m walking about the streets and have no choice.

‘My head was telling me to go and get arrested and get out of the situation that I was in.

‘I had had enough of walking around the streets trying to find somewhere to live.’

He told District Judge Simon Heptonstall that he had no success at charities.

‘I was waiting, going to a church, they kept on telling me to go back and waiting to hear something,’ Kinsella said.

‘Nothing was happening, I wasn’t getting any help anywhere is the truth.’

District Judge Heptonstall said Kinsella had a poor record, activating a suspended sentence from February for stealing alcohol.

The judge encouraged Kinsella to engage with probation in prison to find accomodation for when he is released.

The homeless man sat in the police video booth with his hands on his crossed legs wearing a horizontal striped jumper.

Kinsella, 47, of no fixed address, was jailed for 18 weeks for burglary other than dwelling.

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