‘It wasn’t just that, it was to live’ Gillette shoplifting drugs user tells judge before asking for help

Appearing via video-link from Holborn Police Station, defendant almost instructs free-solicitor before choosing to get the case dealt with himself.

Judge: Do you want to speak to the duty solicitor? 

Defendant: If there is one then I’ll speak to on now

Judge: OK we’ll put your case back

Defendant: Actually I don’t want one now

Defendant is read theft charge and pleads guilty

Prosecutor: Yesterday at Sainsbury’s the guard has called the police stating that the defendant had come into the shop and stolen a number of packets of razor blades, he was leaving the store, they stopped him and he was aggressive. Three packets of Gillette blades at £14 each and separate packets at £18 each, the total was £171

Court hears previous convictions including 29 days prison in March 2019 and 81 months for robbery in 2013.

Defendant: It was down to the crack cocaine, I made an appointment on my own back. The 10th of December I’ve got an appointment to start on the methadone prescription.

Judge: It was to get drugs?

Defendant: It wasn’t just that, it was to live, I’m really struggling at the moment.

Judge: I’m minded to get some rehabilitation activity requirement days, I could easily lock you up, it seems to me that with your drugs record a service could offer you some help.

Defendant: That’s what I need, I need some support.

Judge: Well that’s what we’re going to do.

Bailed for re-sentence report ordered with sentence on 3rd December at Highbury Magistrates’ Court.

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