Girlfriend’s anger at miscarriage is cause of assault accusation says self-representing defendant

Self-representing defendant appearing via video-link from Wood Green police station to Highbury Magistrates’ Court

Prosecutor: Mr X is in a relationship with the victim and he was at the victim’s address and they were having a drink.

It was his birthday, in the early hours of the morning he asked his girlfriend to come in his room which she refused and he slapped her, there was a friend around and she saw him slapping her, he stepped away.

At around 6:45 he woke and came to the victim again, he said I’m going to fuck you up, this cause the victim to call the police.

When police attended she stated that he had also assaulted her previously. He had grabbed her and there was injury, show to her bruises on the upper arm.

This is a short relationship, it’s not been that long, There are clear witnesses with regards to this victim.

In July there was verbal argument were he was very drunk, he has another case in court on the 18th of November.

Defendant: I think I’m being judged not fairly. She is my partner, she had a miscarriage. She said to me that because I tapped her over the shoulder.

I asked her to come to bed, she was in there I don’t know why she didn’t tell me that she had a miscarriage, because she knew that I wanted to be a father.

On the shoulder, I believe it’s just because she’s angry at the moment.

Judge: She was injured to the arm, that’s not right?

Defendant: No.

Judge sets date for summary trial and grants bail on condition he not contact her.

Defendant: If my partner calls me and asks me to come over?

Judge: You don’t do that.

Sent for trial on 19th April at Highbury Magistrates’ Court.

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