Estranged husband allegedly put GPS tracker on his wife’s car

An estranged husband allegedly put a GPS tracker in his ex-wife’s car to covertly follow her, a court heard.

Rachid Seddat, 50, caused his ex-wife ‘extreme distress’ by allegedly following her to take pictures and send her threatening messages.

The ex-husband denies stalking his wife using the tracker, saying it was already on her car when he bought it, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Alex Matic, prosecuting, said: ‘This has lasted many months, the complainant has given more than one police statement complaining of extreme distress and massive changes to her day to day activities, causing her serious distress.

‘There is a high degree of planning and sophistication.

‘This is a long running saga where he has, in a quite cynical manner, not only placed a tracker in her car, he has been attending places where she is.

‘He has been taking pictures, on top of that he also has been sending messages, one of which was of threatening nature.

‘He said he would throw acid on her face, he has been bailed by police more than once and has completely ignored the police. 

Mohammed Badruddin, defending, said: ‘The tracker was already in the vehicle, this was raised in interview, he did not install the tracker, it was already inside the car when he purchased it for his wife.

‘He did not install it.’

Reading court documents, District Judge Nina Tempia said: ‘He didn’t attempt to sweep the officer’s legs during arrest and didn’t resist arrest?

‘Any physical meetings were coincidence due to locality, what does he say about Facebook? 

Mr Badruddin replied: ‘They were in response to her messages madam.’

Wearing a white shirt under a blue cardigan, Sadat sat in the dock with his head in his hands.

Addressing him, Judge Tempia said: ‘You’ll be back here at Westminster Magistrates’ Court next week, for your trial you’ll be back here on the 9th of December at 9:30 in the morning.’

Seddat, of Saxon court, York Way, denies assault by beating of an emergency worker and stalking involving serious alarm or distress.

He was remanded into custody ahead of a bail hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 5 December where he faces trial on 9 December.


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