Drunk keeps sipping ‘Fanta’ while chatting to driver he crashed into

A drunk driver did not stop drinking even after he had crashed into another car, a court heard.

Daniel Popa, 29, was seen drinking out of a Fanta bottle after crashing on 9 September last year in Eltham, southwest London.

Popa told officers he had been drinking before the crash and smelled of alcohol according to witnesses, Croydon Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday.

Prosecutor Adeal Mahmood said: ‘The defendant was driving his black Vauxhall Astra whilst the sole occupant.

‘He’s crashed with a fellow driver, Harry Harris in a silver Ford Focus, the drivers of both cars spoke to each other and the defendant appeared drunk, the other driver called the police and whilst waiting the defendant was drinking out of a Fanta bottle. 

‘The defendant appeared drunk before being seen drinking out of the Fanta bottle, on officers’ arrival he continued to sip from the bottle. 

‘He appeared drunk and the Fanta bottle smelled of alcohol, a roadside breath test was conducted and he blew with a reading of 124 micrograms per 100 millilitres in his breath.

‘Whilst booking he made a significant comment to police, he said: “I was drinking before the accident” and was noted in PC Marshalls’s pocket notebook.’

District Judge Sarah Turnock said: ‘I think you should speak to a solicitor who will advise you.’

Popa, 29, denies driving a vehicle with his alcohol level above the limit, the matter has been adjourned to 26 May.

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