Twelve weeks jail for drunk builder who spat at sergeant after refusing polite request to leave park during lockdown

A drunk builder who spat at a police sergeant who told him to go home during lockdown has been jailed for twelve weeks.

Patrik Wojkowski, 28, spat towards the officer when asked to leave a park where he was drinking with two friends on Sunday 10 April.

The group had been reported by a member of public for breaking lockdown restrictions by drinking in Barham Park, Wembley at 6:30pm on Sunday 10 May.

The Polish father-of-one admitted assaulting an emergency worker by spitting and apologised, but District Judge Denis Brennan said ‘the public must know’ that such offences can be punished by prison.

Neehal Patel, prosecuting, said: ‘The officer went into the park and saw the defendant sat with two other people.

‘He asked them to leave, they were initially cooperative but the defendant began to question why he had to leave the park. 

‘Then he deliberately spat at the officer.’

In a victim impact statement read to the sergeant said: ‘I have been a police officer for 17 years, during this time I have been assaulted in the execution of my duty a number of times.

‘I accept that I may give bumps and bruises when restraining people, however, I am particularly disgusted by the actions of Mr Wojkowski spitting at me. 

‘I had given him several opportunities to disperse and attempted to educate him. 

‘My daughter is isolated due to an immunoglobulin deficiency, she is shielded and particularly vulnerable to the Covid-19 situation. 

‘This could potentially create issues for my home life.’

Wojkowski, who represented himself, said: ‘This is the first time that I am in a court situation, what happened there was one thing which I regret so much right now.

‘I’m really sorry for what I’ve done.

‘I was drunk that day, I didn’t actually think what I was doing, the lady indicated me to go home, but I didn’t do this.

‘The officer turned on his camera when he approached me – because of the state that I was in that actually got me a bit angry – that’s why I actually spat on the camera. 

District Judge Denis Brannan: ‘The primary offence of spitting on an officer is an offence that is so serious that it must be met by a custodial sentence.

‘The officer was going about his duty, your friends seem to have behaved appropriately, you were drunk and spat at him. 

‘I appreciate that in sentencing you now I’m sending a man that has no previous convictions and was not legally represented; but chose not to be. 

‘The public must know that those who act like you will be sent to prison.’

Patrik Wojkowski, 28, of Northwood Gardens, Greenford, admitted assaulting an officer by spitting and breaching Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations for being outside his home without reasonable excuse.

He was sentenced to twelve weeks prison with at least half to be served before release on licence.

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