Schizophrenic man fined £239 for ‘vehicle interference’ by entering taxi was off his medication because he couldn’t handle the pharmacy queue

A mentally ill man has been fined £239 for entering a taxi for twenty seconds.

Jean-Yves McIntosh, 33, was recognised and followed by police who saw him briefly enter a parked taxi in Wallington.

He had contacted police on 30 April saying he could hear voices but had left the scene by the time they arrived at the payphone, Croydon Magistrates’ Court heard.

He was arrested and charged with ‘vehicle interference’ on 6 May, for entering the parked taxi. 

Nicola Babb, defending, said: ‘He has been experiencing mental health issues for quite some time.

‘After being released on licence, he was sectioned and released in December 2019, throughout that time he was supported and treated by Slam, he continues to receive medication.

‘The situation yesterday was a result of not taking medication for two days, the reason for that particular problem was with the Covid-19 situation he had to wait well over an hour for his medication. 

‘He found the situation very frustrating, he has a kind of schizophrenia, hence the voices described in the interview.’

McIntosh, 33, of Frant Road, Thornton Heath was fined £239, to be deducted from his benefits at £5 per week.

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