Wasted son with lockdown toothache threatens to chop his mum into pieces

A drunk and stoned 41-year-old threatened to chop his mother into pieces because he had a toothache during London’s coronavirus lockdown.

Sean Davis, 41 confronted his mother about his painful tooth at her flat in Lambeth while high on a cocktail of alcohol, prescription painkillers and cannabis.

He threatened to chop her ‘into little pieces’ after she told him to leave her alone for swearing aggressively while they were both drunk on April 15.

Davis was arrested after his mother called the police about the 7pm incident and he pleaded guilty to common assault and possession of cannabis.

He was fined £180, given a curfew and ordered not to return to his mother’s home for three months at Croydon Magistrates’ Court on Friday 17 April.

Prosecutor Jason Seetal said: ‘Ms Davis had been watching television in her living room when he came up to her and leant over her complaining about a bad tooth. 

‘His voice was aggressive and he started swearing, she told him to leave her alone. 

‘He said “I’ll fucking chop you up into little pieces you cunt”.

‘Ms Davis states that she felt scared, due to the defendant’s state of intoxication, she therefore called the police who attended.

District Judge Simon Heptonstall said: ‘This was a bad incident when your mother offered you a place to live and is caring for you.

‘When you are in drink, the fact that she’s in drink doesn’t excuse you, you’re in her home and she is vulnerable.

‘She is entitled to protection, you used not only foul language but a very serious threat. 

David Benyahia, defending, said: ‘You may have seen from the summary that on the police’s arrival both parties were well under the influence of alcohol. 

‘They were both worse for wear for drink.

‘He is suffering from a large abscess in the side of his mouth, his mother is going through some form of cancer treatment and had provided her cancer painkillers. 

‘So it was a combination of powerful painkillers, he was largely out of it, and things had been said. 

‘He appreciates that he made the threats towards his mother, he doesn’t particularly remember it, it’s coming back to him in patches. 

‘He accepts that likely he made the threat but he doesn’t remember it. 

Appearing via video link from Brixton police station Davis sat in a grey jumper and could be heard sighing loudly during proceedings.

He agreed to stay at his partner’s home for the remainder of lockdown

Davis, 41, of Charters Close, Lambeth admitted common assault and possession of cannabis and was given a three month community order with the conditions he stay at his partner’s Bromley address with a 6pm-10am electronically monitored curfew and that he not return to his mother’s address.

He was also ordered to pay £95 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

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